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Adelaide's 5 highest-rated Mechanics in 2024!

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Adelaide, a city renowned for its automotive culture, enthusiasts and churches, boasts 'heaps' of great mechanics catering to various car needs. Whether you're seeking routine log book car service, performance upgrades, or restoration of a classic Porsche, Adelaide's automotive scene offers a range of mechanic options but who can you trust with your pride and joy. Here we have a list of the top five mechanics in Adelaide, from Modbury to Hendon each of these mechanics are known for their expertise, professionalism, and dedication to delivering exceptional service - and for being all round good guys.

1. Enzo's Auto Service:

1 Enzo Best Mechanics Adelaide Sa

Located in Adelaide's CBD, Enzo's Auto Service stands as a beacon of excellence in prestige vehicle servicing and repairs. Led by Graham, the team at Enzo's prides itself on its specialisation in iconic brands such as Porsche, Audi, VW, Mercedes Benz, and Ferrari. Their state-of-the-art workshop, equipped with the latest technology, ensures meticulous attention to detail for every vehicle that passes through their doors. Accredited to service and protect your logbook and new car warranty, Enzo's Auto Service guarantees the use of genuine or recommended parts and products. With a commitment to professionalism, convenience, and cost-effectiveness, Enzo's Auto Service offers a compelling alternative to dealer servicing.

Address: 187 Frome Street, Adelaide SA

Phone: 08 8223 1915

Website: Enzo's Auto Service

2. Morpowa Auto & Dyno:

2 Morpowa Dyno Best Mechanics Adelaide Sa

For enthusiasts seeking performance upgrades and motor racing expertise, Morpowa Auto & Dyno stands unrivaled in South Australia. Led by Simon and his team, Morpowa leverages years of experience in the motor racing industry to provide cutting-edge performance solutions. Specialising in Holden and Ford development, Morpowa offers bespoke packages tailored to individual needs and budgets. Their reputation as leaders in performance upgrades has earned them partnerships with Australia's and the world's leading performance brands. Whether it's FPV, HSV, or customised performance parts, Morpowa's commitment to excellence ensures customers receive the leading edge in automotive performance.

Address: 14 Famechon Cres, Modbury North SA 5092

Phone: 08 8264 2077

Website: Morpowa Auto & Dyno

3. D&D Motors:

3 Danddmotors Hendon Best Mechanics Adelaide Sa

Situated in Hendon SA, D&D Motors epitomises reliability, expertise, and trustworthiness in automotive servicing. Led by Dean and his team, D&D Motors is synonymous with great mechanics who possess an in-depth understanding of various makes and models. With a reputation for honesty and professionalism, D&D Motors caters to a wide range of vehicles, from cars to vans and everything in between. Fully recommended by satisfied customers, D&D Motors stands as a testament to exemplary service and automotive proficiency.

Address: 1/3 Circuit Dr, Hendon, SA 5014

Phone: 08 8244 5022

D&Ds Facebook page

4. Service Plus Auto Repairs:

4 Serviceplus Best Mechanics Adelaide Sa

As an RAA Approved Repairer in Edwardstown, Service Plus Auto Repairs exemplifies excellence in car servicing and repairs. Specialising in European cars, Service Plus offers a comprehensive range of services, from minor maintenance to major repairs. Their expertise extends to engine rebuilding, providing customers with a cost-effective alternative to engine replacement. With reasonable rates and guaranteed workmanship, Service Plus Auto Repairs ensures peace of mind for every customer.

Address: 415 Cross Road, Edwardstown SA 5039

Phone: 08 8351 5141

Website: Service Plus Auto Repairs

5. Roxen Auto Electrical:

5 Roxen Auto Electrical Best Mechanics Adelaide Sa

While not traditional mechanics, Roxen Auto Electrical fills a crucial niche in Adelaide's automotive landscape. Specialising in auto electrical services, Nick and his team at Roxen tackle tasks that mechanics find too complex. Situated in Athol Park SA, Roxen Auto Electrical offers a wide array of services beyond auto electrical work. Their versatility and expertise make them indispensable for resolving intricate automotive issues. From diagnostics to repairs, Roxen Auto Electrical is a trusted ally for Adelaide's car owners.

Address: 388 Grand Junction Road, Mansfield Park SA 5012

Phone: 08 8244 0244

Adelaide drivers what are you waiting for?

In Adelaide's vibrant automotive car culture, these five mechanics stand out for their commitment to excellence, expertise, customer satisfaction and doing a great job. This is just the tip of the iceberg for great mechanics in Adelaide. Remember to check out online reviews to make sure mechanics stand up to their claims.

If you think your workshop should be on this list or you know of a mechanic in Adelaide that deserves to be in the top best mechanics in Adelaide let us know or leave a comment

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