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Looking for a budget-friendly car in Australia? Check out cheap cars on MotorFind! Find a wide range of affordable vehicles to suit your needs. Whether you're buying your first car, searching for a daily commuter, or just want a great deal, find it here. What makes a cheap car cheap, well it's usually the price. Cheap cars are generally under $5000, sometimes under $10k and sometimes you can find them around $1000.

2018 Automatic

Diesel 56,000 kms

2018 Automatic

Diesel 130,000 kms

1990 Manual

Petrol 264,000 kms

2014 Automatic

Petrol 135,200 kms

2013 Manual

Petrol 92,585 kms

2013 Automatic

Petrol 90,000 kms

2012 Manual

Petrol - Unleaded 208,720 kms

2011 Automatic

Petrol - Premium ULP 211,511 kms

2011 Manual

Petrol - Premium ULP 106,876 kms

2000 Manual

Petrol 315,000 kms

2009 Manual

Diesel 192,000 kms

2010 Manual

Petrol 339,789 kms