2024 Polestar 4: Tesla Model Y rival now on sale in Australia

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Polestar, the electric performance brand, has announced Australian pricing and specifications for its latest offering, the Polestar 4 electric SUV, with order books now officially open. The vehicle is poised to join the Australian market in August 2024, following the local debut of the Polestar 2 in early 2022. This launch will mark the brand's third electric model available in Australia, along with the confusingly named larger Polestar 3 planned to arrive in June 2024, showcasing a blend of innovative technology and performance.

1 Polestar 4 Launch In Australia

The Polestar 4 is available in two configurations: a single-motor variant starting at $81,500 plus on-road costs and a dual-motor option priced up to $93,050 plus on-road costs. This pricing strategy places the Polestar 4 within a competitive range, particularly when compared to rivals like the Tesla Model Y, hinting at a heated competition in the luxury electric SUV segment.

Notably, the Polestar 4 features a unique, albeit polarising, design choice with its rear visibility solution. Instead of a traditional rear window, the vehicle uses a roof-mounted camera system to provide images to an internal screen, offering drivers a wider field of view and showcasing Polestar's commitment to innovation.

2 Polestar 4 Rearview Camera

The introduction of the Polestar range to the Australian market is not just about expanding the electric vehicle options but also reflects a broader trend seen across the automotive industry. Similar to MG, a brand with British roots now owned by China's SAIC Motor, Volvo/Polestar is owned by Geely and utilises its Volvo derived Swedish heritage to appeal to consumers. This strategy of leveraging historical brand identities by companies like MG and now Volvo's Polestar highlights how heritage is being used to market cheaply made Chinese vehicles in Western countries, with many consumers unaware that these brands, while maintaining their European or British branding, are now under the wing of Chinese manufacturing giants.

3 Polestar 4

As the Polestar 4 prepares for its Australian launch, it's clear that the landscape of electric vehicles is evolving, with european styling, heritage and innovation playing key roles in appealing to modern consumers. The arrival of the Polestar 4 is highly anticipated, positioning itself as a strong competitor as a better looking option to the Tesla Model Y and providing a more affordable 'European' option against the new upcoming Porsche Macan EV. 4 New Porsche Macan EV Polestar Rival

FAQ: Polestar 4 Electric SUV Launch in Australia

Q: When will the Polestar 4 be available in Australia?
A: The Polestar 4 is scheduled to be available for Australian consumers starting in August 2024.
Q: How is the Polestar 4 priced in Australia?
A: The Polestar 4's pricing starts at $81,500 plus on-road costs for the single-motor variant, and goes up to $93,050 plus on-road costs for the dual-motor option.
Q: How does the Polestar 4 compare to its competitors?
A: The Polestar 4 is positioned competitively against the Tesla Model Y, offering a more affordable 'European' brand option that aims to compete with luxury EVs like the upcoming Porsche Macan EV.

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