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The Toyota Fortuner is more than just an SUV; it's a testament to engineering finesse and adaptability. Rooted in the robust foundations of the acclaimed Hilux platform, the Fortuner takes what's tried and true, and elevates it. It marries the durability and ruggedness for which the Hilux is renowned with the sophistication and comfort of a top-tier SUV. The result? A vehicle that's as at home in the city as it is tackling the rough terrains of the outback.

Aussies have quickly come to appreciate the Fortuner's dual nature. It provides the reliability and off-road prowess inherited from its Hilux lineage, combined with space, modern amenities, and a driving experience tailored for both families and adventurers. Every journey in the Fortuner, be it a school drop-off or an epic road trip, is backed by the confidence of driving a vehicle built on one of the most trusted platforms in Australia. In the world of SUVs, the Toyota Fortuner, with its Hilux DNA, undoubtedly stands as a true blue Aussie favourite.

2018 Automatic

116,368 kms

2022 Automatic

54,561 kms

2019 Automatic

Diesel 89,016 kms

2018 Automatic

Diesel 111,433 kms

2018 Automatic

Diesel 78,474 kms

2018 Automatic

Diesel 92,738 kms

2019 Automatic

Diesel 91,833 kms